One of the most notable attractions of Spokane's skyline is the Expo '74 Pavillion that was erected for the World's Fair as a gift to the city. Overtime, the Pavillion lost it's luster, and slowly faded in to the background of the downtown area.
In 2018. Spokane began the process of renovating the entire River Front Park area, in order to cultivate more of the community interaction that it so boldly values. This culminated into a revamp of the esteemed Pavillion, as an outdoor light show and venue, in 2020. Following the grand opening, I noticed people had a fascination with the memorizing pattern that the view from below the lights created. Many photos, like these below, came across my social media. I thought this would be an excellent design for the Hoopfest player shirt, as a celebration of the progress the City has made, and the community that it promises to keep building. 
Final Mockups:
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